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The mission of A4SK will be to expand opportunities and enhance the quality of life of children and young adults with disabilities and their families, based on the concept of parents helping parents.

With assistance to individual families, workshops, and materials for parents and professionals, and leadership in securing a free and appropriate public education for all children, A4SK's work affects and encourages families across the nation.

Congress is currently working on tax legislation that incorporates many
of President Bush's proposed tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans.
These tax cuts will leave millions of children but no millionaire

The Children's Defense Fund is asking everyone in America who is
concerned about children to call their Senators and Representatives
toll-free on May 14th. The toll-free phone number is: 1-888-280-6279
(paid for by AFL-CIO.)

On May 14 call your members of Congress and urge them to:

- Vote NO on all tax giveaways to millionaires! Both the House and the
Senate are about to vote on hundreds of billions of dollars in tax cuts.
If these cuts are enacted, more than half the tax breaks will go to the
richest Americans. Low- and middle-income Americans will get little in
tax cuts, and will be worse off because looming deficits at all levels
of government will starve children's services. 460 economists say these
tax cuts will not stimulate the economy.

-Vote NO on the Bush administration's plan to eliminate, dismantle, and
freeze crucial children's programs! Head Start, Medicaid, foster care,
and low-income housing are all at risk if these new tax cuts are added
to the more than $1 trillion in cuts already in place. The 10-year cost
of the tax cut proposed by the Senate Finance Committee is more than
enough to provide health care for all 9.2 million uninsured children AND
Head Start services for all eligible children who need it.

- Support the Comprehensive Dodd-Miller Act to Leave No Child Behind
(S.448/ H.R. 936)! Not to be confused with the under-funded Bush
administration's No Child Left Behind Act, the comprehensive Act to
Leave No Child Behind will truly give every child a Healthy Start, a
Head Start, a Fair Start and a Safe Start in life and successful passage
to adulthood with the help of caring families and communities.

A huge mobilization of voters will send the message to Capitol Hill
that we make protecting children and families our first priority!

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